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My Old Electronic Music Blog

Back in 2010 I started a blog dedicated to electronic music called Quoth the Raver (a play on Quoth the Raven). It was a huge amount of fun sharing the music I found with everyone on the site, and it inspired me to get even more familiar with the various genres, artists, and labels. These days electronic music (also known as EDM) has exploded in popularity, so the novelty of sharing new artists has worn off to a certain extent. For this reason I haven’t updated the blog in quite a long time, but I did recently go through to fix up some broken components for archiving the site.

If anyone is curious to see what I was listening to and raving about back then feel free to check out the website! If you’re more interested in what I’m listening to these days, go ahead and check out what I love on SoundCloud.

Quoth the Raver

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